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What Is A Laneway House?

A laneway home, also known as a carriage home or garden home, is a small house situated at the end of a residential lot, commonly used by family members, or as a rental opportunity. Laneway houses are becoming an increasingly popular addition to properties in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond, making for a great investment as a new stream of income while also exponentially increasing the property’s market value.
Sideview of beautiful grey and white Lane way house with two round windows.

Additional Income Opportunity

With rental units becoming increasingly scarce in dense urban cities like Vancouver, the consideration of a laneway home is very appealing from a renter’s perspective, as it provides a detached single-family unit. As a result, owners can often charge a premium, as compared to a similarly-sized basement apartment or high-rise condo.

Increase Your Property Value

Whether it’s a finished refinished basement, loft or the construction of a laneway house, the addition of a liveable space to a property increases your property value. Depending on the housing market in your area, this increase in property values can be significantly greater than the cost of construction if you decide to sell your property.


Housing Solution For Family And Guests

A laneway house offers an excellent opportunity for homeowners to extend their hospitality to friends and family, with an additional living space on the property. The home could be offered as a temporary stay in place of a hotel reservation, or as a long-term solution for housing a family member closer to home if care aid is required.


Downsize Without Leaving Your Community

Downsizing is a consideration of many homeowners later in life. Many homeowners move from their main house into their laneway house, renting out their main home to generate additional income. Alternatively, if you have aging relatives who are looking to downsize, building a laneway home is an affordable option.

Diversify the Housing Market

With housing becoming a premium in Vancouver, a laneway house would offer renters an alternative to the rising cost of condos or housing units further removed from the city. By building a laneway home, you’re providing a tenant with an opportunity to live in the city near jobs, local amenities and more efficient public transit.

Our Laneway Home Service Areas

Our expertise as laneway house builders extends across Metro Vancouver, with laneway home projects featuring in Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster and soon Burnaby.
Grey and brown Lane Way house, with brown fenced in yard.

Vancouver Laneway Houses

With urban living at a premium, now has never been a better time to design and build a Vancouver laneway home. With local experience and a portfolio of properties, PHW Homes is your best choice for a laneway home in BC’s best city.
Photo of Grey Laneway house, 6033 Fremlin Street.

Burnaby Laneway Houses

The City of Burnaby is the most recent city to broaden their housing program to include laneway houses for property owners looking to further develop their properties as demand for housing increases. Check out all the information about the upcoming program.
Photo of street view of white sided Lane way house.

Richmond Laneway Houses

Richmond continues to be an up-and-coming city for laneway home development as owners seek new ways to boost their property value and additional streams of income. Achieve both with the construction of a Richmond laneway house from PHW Homes.
2nd Ave Laneway House

Lower Mainland Laneway Houses

In addition to Vancouver and the greater Vancouver area, cities in the Lower Mainland are becoming increasingly popular for laneway home developments. PHW Homes has extensive experience building in New Westminster and Coquitlam.

Featured Laneway Home Projects

We’re immensely proud of the laneway homes we’ve constructed for our wonderful clients. Take a look at our most recent projects.

Laneway House Building Experts

From designing and constructing beautiful homes that exceed our client’s dreams, to effectively navigating strenuous building regulations in urban municipalities, we’ve proven our expertise in the laneway house building market time and time again. You can trust us to guide you through the building process, providing open transparency and family values every step of the way.

The Design- Build Process

From the first consultations to the final inspection, our design-build process employs a series of consultations throughout the house-building process, intended to outline costs and resources involved in building your laneway home. These meetings allow us to remain on time, on budget and keep the vision for your dream home.

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Is a Laneway House Right for You?

Are you still curious as to if a laneway house would suit your property or your living lifestyle? Read our frequently asked questions to learn more.
A laneway home, also known as a carriage home or garden home, is a small house situated at the end of a residential lot, commonly used by family members, or as a rental opportunity, making for a great investment as a new stream of income while also exponentially increasing the property’s market value.
The two terms are often synonymous, both describing a small, auxiliary home that’s situated on a residential lot.
There are many reasons to build a laneway home. For large families looking to stay close together, a laneway house is a great way to keep multi-generational families on the same property. Laneway houses are also great investments as an additional stream of income, for example, renting it out as an AirBnB.
When you choose to build a laneway house with PHW Homes, we handle the entire process of zoning application and permit acquisition, providing you with the peace of mind that your home will be constructed accordingly.